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ISOLDE Nuclear Physics Summer lecture series 23-26 July 2013

A series of four nuclear physics lectures given by Prof. Richard Casten from Yale University. These lectures will provide a simple overview of the structure of atomic nuclei, including empirical signatures of structure, the dependence of structure on proton and neutron numbers, the complementarity of microscopic ( nucleon-based) and macroscopic (many-body and symmetry perspective) approaches.

Shell Model Course for Non Practitioners 14-18 October 2013

Large Scale Shell Model is the tool  of choice for spectroscopic  studies  in the modern nuclear  structure calculations.  It can describe simultaneously  the spectroscopic  properties and decay of odd and even nuclei in a given mass region.  Being fully microscopic, it is as well perfectly suited for studies of the fundamental properties of the nuclear force. The shell model code ANTOINE,  created  by E. Caurier  in Strasbourg,  is one of most  popular  shell model codes in the world.