Access to the ISOLDE Facilty

For details of safety issues related to accessing the ISOLDE facilty please click here.

General Safety Information

Some useful information concerning safety for CERN experiments can be found here .The safety guide for experiments at CERN can be found at .

Here is a list of safety-related persons responsible for ISOLDE installations and buildings (ISOLDE hall, bldg 275, 508), together with the description of their responsibilities. If you are not certain whom to contact in a given situation, ask the ISOLDE Physics Coordinator. For all safety contacts in the PH departiment, see

GLIMOS (Group Leader In Matters Of Safety) for all ISOLDE experiments: ISOLDE Physics Coordinator - Karl Johnston

"Local GLIMOS" for fixed installations: local responsible for a given experiment, see the pdf file below

DSO (Departmental Safety Officer): EP dept. - Olga Beltramello , BEams dept. - Marc Tavlet, SYstems department - Ramon Folch

RSO (Radioprotection Safety Officer): EP dept. Federico Ravotti, BEams dept. 

RPO (Radiation Protection Officer): Alexandre Dorsival

TSO (Territorial Safety Officer): Simon Mataguez(170); Karl Johnston (508 & 275)

LSO (Laser Safety Officer): EP dept. - Jan Troska , SYstems dept. - Bruce Marsh

Safety training

For ISOLDE Users several courses are offered which are related to safety.

  • Basic Safety Courses 1-3
  • Radiation Protection
  • Access to ISOLDE Hall
  • Electric Safety
  • Cryogenics
  • Laser
  • Bridge Crane Operation
  • First-Aid Course

For more information about these courses see .

Radiation Protection

Details of Radiation Protection at CERN can be found via .

Safety documents

  • Safety Codes
  • Safety Files
  • Safety Procedures
  • Safety Organisation
  • Installation Supervisors

Safety contacts

For further information please refer to the Safety Commission's Contact Page.

Accident report

Useful information in case of an accident can be found at .If you need to complete an accident report the form required can be found at .





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