Latest News

Latest News

CERN computer account now available after Pre-Registration (PRT) completed

When the pre-registration (PRT) has been completed for a new User, it is now possible to get a CERN computer account and, hence, complete the on-line safety courses required for access to ISOLDE before coming to CERN. Once the pre-registration is accepted by the CERN Users office an email is sent to the User informing them how to apply for the account.

ISOLDE Nuclear Astrophysics School 9-11 May 2017

Nuclear astrophysics is the study of nuclear-level processes that occur naturally in space. Notably, this includes understanding the chain of fusion events, or nucleosynthesis, that occurs in stars, and how can we recreate them in our facilities and compare them with the observables from space. The ISOLDE Nuclear Astrophysics School will consist of morning lectures and tutorial sessions in the afternoon.

HIE-ISOLDE 3rd cryomodule transported to ISOLDE hall

The 3rd HIE-ISOLDE cryomodule is now in its final position in the ISOLDE hall. It was transported on Tuesday the 24th of January as shown in the photo below, courtesy of E. Siesling. It was tough for the transport people due to the freezing conditions. The cryomodule is already on its jacks, the shielding tunnel roof is closed and the alignment done.