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Latest News

ISOLDE Workshop and Users Meeting 2022

30th November - 2 December

This workshop aims to bring together the present and prospective ISOLDE user community to review the status of the ISOLDE experimental programme and to discuss future plans and ideas. Prizes, donated by CAEN, will be awarded for the best young speakers and the best posters presented at the workshop poster session.

This event will have a hybrid format so if you cannot attend in person you will be able to follow the presentations online.

BREXIT: Implications for CERN users from the UK

Visa for taking up residence in France or Switzerland only for UK citizens:

If you are coming for less than 90 days per period of 180 days:
No visa or work permit required for France or Switzerland but a convention d’accueil will be required (equivalent to a work permit). The teamleader of the person coming to CERN should contact Jenny as early as possible to request preparation of the convention d'accueil. This document has to be signed by the French authorities and, at present, this process can take a couple of weeks.

Lise Meitner Award awarded to K. Blaum, B. Jonson & P. Van Duppen

On Thursday 27th November 2020, a ceremony was held as part of the ISOLDE Workshop to present the Lise Meitner Award to K. Blaum, B. Jonson and P. Van Duppen. The online ceremony was attended by nearly 200 people which shows the very high esteem in which the winners are held.

Nuclear win for ISOLDE physicists – CERN Courier