USER Access to CERN in 2021

ALL Users require approval email to come on site (Only applies if CERN Covid level is 3 or 4 )
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, at present Users are only allowed to access the CERN site if their presence is considered essential and has been approved via email by the ISOLDE Physics coordinator or the ISOLDE Physics group leader in agreement with the Users home institution. Any request should be made by the teamleader and specify the reason and motivation for the visit as well as the duration.

New Users (Only applies if CERN Covid level is 3 or 4
A teamleader should only launch the PRT registration for a new user once they have received the approval email mentioned above. The PRT document number and the exact arrival date should then be sent to Jenny so a request can be made to the Users office asking them to process the document. Please note that, at the moment, the Users office will only process the document a maximum of one month before the Users arrival date.

Please note that ALL Users will also need to follow the Covid-19 related instructions found on the Users Office website which includes an extra online course, a self-declaration form and CERN's strict quarantine requirements. If the user is coming from a region classed as high-risk by either France or Switzerland they must declare their planned arrival date to the CERN medical service, via , who will then decide what quarantine measures are required. 

CERN has arrangements with certain hotels where Users can stay if they need to quarantine, see here

Users arriving from high-risk countries or countries from outside the EU (this now includes the UK) may need a "laisser-passer" document to be able to enter Switzerland. We recommend you check travel advice for Switzerland given by you own government and the Swiss authorities. A "laisser-passer" can be obtained via email from your local Swiss consulate.

Please note that it is the Users responsibility to ensure that they have the correct documents and follow the required procedures for entering Switzerland/France.

More information for Users about the CERN Covid-19 response as well as all related rules and regulations is available via .

For more information for Users running experiments at ISOLDE in 2021 please see the 'News for Users 2021" article in the recent ISOLDE newsletter

CERN Hostel Kitchens
Shared kitchens at the CERN hostel are still closed in Meyrin. The hostel has installed a big fridge at the reception so you may drop food in a box which will be handed to you and collect it later but only when the reception is open (8am to 8pm week days, 8am to 5pm weekends). Restaurant 1 is offering various type of salads and dishes that can be stored and heated later with the microwave oven in Building 40 (open 24/7).