ISOLDE Vitual Visits

• Introduction to ISOLDE - 20-25 minutes overview of the facility, historical 
milestones, current operation and its place at CERN,  Permanent experimental 
setups hosted.
• A walk through the Laboratory with explanations of the video content. 
• Q&A session
• Duration: approximately 1 to 1.5 hours 
• Recommended audience: Anyone interested in science; with basic physics 
background or scientific knowledge required; recommended for ages 16+ but 
groups with lower age also can be accommodated 
• Languages: English (other languages are available but after coordination with 
the visit responsible of ISOLDE)
• Location: from home or anywhere with a good internet connection, ZOOM link 
will be provided after visit is confirmed.

Follow the usual procedure to register a private tour for ISOLDE. See more 
information at We advise limiting the group size 
to minimum 10 and maximum 30 participants in order to guarantee a certain level 
of interactivity. Please contact to arrange a date and time.

We will do our best to adapt the visit to your participants' profiles.