Shell Model Course for Non Practitioners 14-18 October 2013

Large Scale Shell Model is the tool  of choice for spectroscopic  studies  in the modern nuclear  structure calculations.  It can describe simultaneously  the spectroscopic  properties and decay of odd and even nuclei in a given mass region.  Being fully microscopic, it is as well perfectly suited for studies of the fundamental properties of the nuclear force. The shell model code ANTOINE,  created  by E. Caurier  in Strasbourg,  is one of most  popular  shell model codes in the world.
In this  course,  we plan  to familiarize its  participants  with  the basic ideas of the shell model during  the lectures as well as with the code ANTOINE,  which the participants will use during  the computing  sessions.  In the subsequent  lectures  we will discuss the ingredients necessary for shell model calculations, the modern theory of the effective interactions, shell model description of deformed nuclei, and the Lanczos strength function method. During the sessions, the participants  will practice  calculations  of the spectra, electromagnetic transitions, beta-decays and spectroscopic factors.

Lecturers: E. Caurier, G. Martinez-Pinedo, F. Nowacki, A. Poves, K. Sieja

This course will take place at CERN in room 304-1-007 from 14th to 18th October 2013. If you would like to attend this course please register here before 13th September 2013. A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the CERN hostel for participants of this course which will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  If you would like to reserve one of these rooms please do so via the registration form.