Important: Dosimeters at ISOLDE

Due to the fact that access to the ISOLDE hall is now via dosimeter, the CERN dosimeters of ISOLDE Users can no longer be left in the corridor near the ISOLDE offices as this is a security risk. Hence all the dosimeters that were left in the rack have been returned to the dosimetry service. If your user registration, safety courses and "certificate attesting the suitability to work in CERN's radiation areas" are all up to date you can just pick up a new dosimeter from building 55 each time you come to CERN to take part in an experiment. As the dosimetry service is only open from Monday to Friday in the mornings, if you plan to arrive at CERN in the afternoon and really need to access the hall that day you can contact in advance asking them to prepare a dosimeter for you. It can either be picked up by a nominated colleague or, in exceptional cases, you can request to pick it up in the afternoon.