Submitting proposals

Spokespersons of a proposal for ISOLDE

At its meeting of February 2017, the ISCC decided that proposals should have at least one spokesperson from an ISOLDE Collaboration member institution, in a country that has signed the ISOLDE MoU with CERN. You can find the list of institutes from member states of the ISOLDE collaboration ( as outlined in Annex 4 of the ISOLDE MoU) here. Certain institutes, that are not from an ISOLDE member state, have signed a special collaboration agreement with the collaboration which allows their employees to act as sole experiment spokespersons. A list of these institutes can be found here.

Persons from non-member countries/institutes are welcome to apply for beamtime, provided their request is supported by a co-spokesperson from a member country/institute. 

Contact with required experimental set-up

Before submitting a proposal, contact must be made with the collaboration running a particular experimental set-up if its use is required by a proposal.

Electronic submission of documents

All documents for the INTC have to be submitted via the following interface:

For more details, see also the official INTC website.

Please note that the reference numbers for Proposals, Letter of Intent, and other document types are given electronically within the process of electronic submission of documents.


The deadline for submitting Proposals and Letters of Intent is six weeks prior to the INTC meeting, permitting a more thorough refereeing and the possibility to even out the load on the Committee by deferring presentations to later meetings. This period is also necessary to allow the documents to reach the Chairman and Committee Members, to decide and circulate the agenda, to appoint referees, inform speakers about their eventual presentations, and finally to give referees time to read and to evaluate the proposals fairly before the meeting.

Beam requirements

In order to assure proper planning and efficient use of the ISOLDE targets we ask that the information shown in the example below be included in experiment proposals.


Beam Min. intensity Target material Ion Source Shifts
73Br 1.8x107 Nb powder Negative surface 15
    or Nb foil Hot Plasma 15

The information on beam intensities, target material and ion sources may be found on the ISOLDE web page or in case of doubt obtained from discussions with the ISOLDE technical group.