Active experiments

Active experiments

Code Proposal Title Spokesperson Contact person Status
IS761 P708 Coulomb Excitation and RDDS measurement of a Triaxial Superdeformed “ß-band” in 162Yb Bark, R. Wenander, F. Preparation
IS760 P703 Local study of Lithium Niobate domain walls Schell, J. / Eng, L. Schell, J. Preparation
IS759 P702 Study of the N = 28 shell closure in the argon isotopes McGlone, A/ Perrett, H/ Warbinek, J. Warbinek, J. Preparation
IS758 P701 Study of RaF− anions at CRIS Garcia Ruiz, R. / Flanagan, K. Warbinek, J. Preparation
IS757 P670 Single-particle aspects of high- J s d − f p shell mirror energy differences (MEDs) Freeman, S./ Hoffman, C. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS756 P698 Laser & decay spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of neutron-rich mercury isotopes south-east of 208Pb Cubiss, J/Lange, D/Andreyev, A/Koster, U Schweiger, C./Yue, Z. Preparation
IS755 P697 Probing the local environments and optical properties in halide perovskites with short-lived radioactive isotopes Masenda, H. Schell, J. Preparation
IS754 P696 Magnetic origins of epitaxial MAX phase Mn2GaC-based thin films probed by Emission Mössbauer Spectroscopy Qi, B. / Tao, Q. Schell, J. Preparation
IS753 P695 Mapping single-particle neutron strength towards the mid-shell in semi-magic lead isotopes Ojala, J./Page, R./Pakarinen, J. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS752 P694 Spectroscopic factors in the r-process nucleus 135 Sn Kroell, T./Wimmer, K./Gaffney, L. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS751 P692 Charge states of transition metal ions and local magnetic structure of dilute magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Fe)N:Mn – an emission Mössbauer spectroscopy study Adhikari, R/Masenda, H/Bonanni, A Schell, J. Preparation
IS750 P688 Measurement of neutron capture cross section on 134 Cs through surrogate reaction (d,p γ ) at ISS Carollo, S/Lerendegui-Marco, J/Raabe, R MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS749 P687 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of topological kagome magnets Mantovan, R./ Lesne, E. Schell, J. Preparation
IS748 P686 A study of seniority-2 configurations in N = 126 and 124 isotonic chains Rainovski, G./ Georgiev, G. Freeman, S. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS747 P685 Laser and nuclear decay spectroscopy study of the neutron-rich high-spin states in the 212 , 213 Bi isotopes with LIST Andreyev, A. / Cocolios, T. Heinke, R. Preparation
IS746 P684 Single-proton-hole orbitals in the N=126 nucleus 205 Au Podolyak, Z. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS745 P682 Mass measurement of the neutron-deficient 96 Cd with ISOLTRAP Mougeot, M. Schweiger, C. Preparation
IS744 P680 Onset of collective structures in proton-rich Pb isotopes investigated via Fast-timing methods Benito, J./ Illana, A. Heylen, H. Preparation
IS743 P679 Search for shape coexistence in 80 Zn via (t,p) reactions Bottoni, S./ Galtarossa, F. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS742 P678 Determination of single-neutron energies and spectroscopic factors outside 132Sn Kay, B./Freeman, S./ Sharp, D. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS741 P676 Detailed decay spectroscopy of 225Ac and its daughters to support its use in medical applications Cocolios, T/Regan, P/Collins, S/Lica, R Duchemin, C. Preparation
IS740 P673 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient thulium isotopes Cheal, B./ Rodriguez, L.V. Rodriguez, L. V. Preparation
IS739 P668 Fission of 230 Ac Kawecka, A./Managlia, M./Heinz, A. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS738 P663 Microscopic insight by nuclear hyperfine methods on ferroic Perovskites Lopes, A.M.L / Schell, J Correia, J.G Preparation
IS737 P667 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of light gold isotopes: investigation of \lq\lq island of deformation'' and shape coexistence Yang, X / Bai, S / Neyens, G Lalanne, L Preparation
IS736 P657 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of neutron-deficient antimony isotopes, towards the proton drip line Lynch, K Lalanne, L Preparation
IS735 P664 Characterization of the atomic 6D-states in neutral francium using collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy de Groote, R / Lassegues, P Lalanne, L Preparation
IS734 P648 Probing the excited halo in 10Be using low-energy one neutron transfer reaction Chen, J / Capel, P / Obertelli, A Browne, F Preparation
IS733 P662 β-decay spectroscopy with laser-polarised beams of neutron-rich potassium isotopes Madurga, M. / Piersa-Silkowska, M. Piersa-Silkowska, M. Preparation
IS732 P661 Probing structural transitions in M(II) vanadates (M = Zn, Mn, Cd, Ca) with TDPAC spectroscopy Burimova, A. / Schell, J. Schell, J. Preparation
IS731 P659 Probing the fission and radiative decay of the 235U+n system using (d,pf) and (d,pγ) reactions Bennett, S. / Sharp, D. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS730 P658 Oxide and Metal Halide Perovskites: Temperature-Dependent Dynamic Nature of Crystal Structure and Symmetry Relations Gomez, C. / Rocha-Rodrigues, P. Schell, J. Preparation
IS729 P655 Magnetic moment of 11Be with ppm accuracy Bissell, M. / Kowalska, M. Bissell, M. Preparation
IS728 P654 Measuring the electron affinity of polonium Nichols, M. / Hanstorp, D. Lalanne, L. Preparation
IS727 P652 Single-particle structure study in neutron-rich Ca through 50Ca(d,p) Ceulemans, A. / Raabe, R. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS726 P650 Exploring the evolution of the N = 126 magic number with the masses of neutron-rich gold isotopes Manea, V. Nies, L. Preparation
IS725 P647 Production of 226Ra-implanted high-quality radon sources for detector characterization Jorg, F. / Simgen, H. Schweiger, C. Preparation
IS724 P634 Study of the 49Ca(d,p) reaction Browne, F. MacGregor, P. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS723 P646 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich indium isotopes beyond N=82 Wilkins, S./ Garcia Ruiz, R. / Flanagan, K. Lalanne, L. Preparation
IS722 P644 Off-line TAS measurements of the long-lived nuclei 152,155Tb and 76,77Br for their relevance in medicine and neutrino physics Nácher, E./ Briz, J. Köster, U. Preparation
IS721 P641 Production of a 135Cs sample at ISOLDE for (n,γ) activation measurements at n\_TOF-NEAR Lerendegui-Marco, J. / Carollo, S. Vollaire, J. Preparation
IS720 P638 Transition probabilities of low-lying excited states in 210Po and 210Pb Georgiev,G./Rainovski,G./Podolyák,Z./Stuchbery,A. Browne, F. Preparation
IS719 P637 Closing in on 100Sn: Mass Measurements of the Neutron Deficient N=51-53 Tin Isotopes Nies, L. Schweiger, C. Preparation
IS718 P636 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of thallium isotopes Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, L. Preparation
IS717 P635 Determination of radioactive ion beam production yields using 1.4- and 1.7-GeV protons Stegemann, S. / Rothe, S. Stegemann, S. Preparation
IS716 P632 Determination of the α decay width of a near-threshold proton-emitting resonance in 11B Ayyad, Y. / Mittig, W. Olaizola, B. Preparation
IS715 P628 Study of the radiative decay of the low-energy isomer in 229Th Chhetri, P. / Van Duppen, P. Bernerd, C. Preparation
IS714 P627 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of chromium isotopes between N=28 and N=40 Lalanne, L. Koszorus, A. Preparation
IS713 P626 Tracer diffusion and PAC measurements of 111mCd tracer atoms in A3B compounds Divinski, S. / Schell, J. Schell, J. Preparation
IS712 P616 Probing two-alpha radioactivity with 224Ra Theisen, C. / Khan, E. Kowalska, M. Preparation
IS711 P625 Transfer reactions on the neutron-rich krypton isotopes Gaffney, L. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS710 P624 Single-particle behaviour towards doubly-magic 24O - 27Na(d,p)28Na in inverse kinematics Sharp, D. / Freeman, S. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS709 P622 Exploring shape coexistence across N=60 in 100Sr62 using IDS Olaizola, B. / Bhattacharjee, S. Lica, R. Preparation
IS708 P609 Complementary measurements of octupole collectivity in 146Ce Gaffney, L. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS707 P617 Total absorption beta decay studies around 186Hg Algora, A. / Orrigo, S. / Fraile, L. Lica, R. Preparation
IS706 P614 Laser ionization spectroscopy of AcF Athanasakis-Kaklamanakis, M / Wilkins, S / Au, M Athanasakis-Kaklamanakis, M Preparation
IS705 P614 Neutron emission from unbound states in 135Sn Grzywacz, R / Korgul, A / Madurga, M / Fraile, L Lica, R. Preparation
IS704 P612 Measurement of the excitation energy of the 5+ isomeric state in 128Sb for r-process nucleosynthesis Couture, A. / Nies, L. Nies, L. Preparation
IS703 P611 PAC studies of isolated small molecules: The Pb nuclear quadrupole moments and further cases Haas, H. / Schell, J. Johnston, K. Preparation
IS702 P608 Probing the doubly magic shell closure at 132Sn by Coulomb excitation of neutron-rich 130,134Sn isotopes Reiter, P. / Kroell, T. Olaizola, B. Preparation
IS701 P606 High-resolution laser spectroscopy of "magic'' lead isotopes Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, L. Preparation
IS700 P605 Measurement of the changes in the mean-square charge radii of aluminium isotopes across N=20 Koszorus, A. Geldhof, S. Preparation
IS699 P603 Coulomb excitation of 185Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region Wrzosek-Lipska, K. / Gaffney, L. / Pakarinen, J. Olaizola, B. Preparation
IS698 P602 α-scattering on unstable proton-rich tin isotopes in inverse kinematics for the astrophysical p-process Galaviz, D. / Ferrer, F. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS697 P601 Single-particle structure, effective proton charge, and emerging collectivity around 132Sn Georgiev, G. / Stuchbery, A. / Allmond, J. Johnston, K. Preparation
IS696 P599 Pairing vibrations beyond N=82 Macchiavelli, A. / Wimmer, K. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS695 P582 Probing the 11Li low-lying dipole strength via 9Li(t,p) with the ISS Ayyad, Y. / Vigezzi, E. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS694 P586 Investigating shape coexistence in 80;82Sr with beta+/EC decay spectroscopy Bernier, N. / Bucjer, T. / Orce, N. Lica, R. Preparation
IS693 P559 Total absorption spectroscopy of neutron-rich indium isotopes beyond N=82 lkowska, A. / Rubio, B. / Fallot, M. / Fraile, L. Lica, R. Preparation
IS692 P572 Spectroscopy of 8Be: Search for Rotational Bands Above 16 MeV Gai, M. / Smith, R. Olaizola, B. / Stora, T. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS691 P598 Collection of 129m,131m,133mXe for the gamma-MRI project Kowalska, M. Kulesz, K. Preparation
IS690 P597 Reaction studies with neutron-rich light nuclei at the upgraded SEC Device Borge, M.J.G. / Cederkall, J. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS689 P594 Evolution of single-particle states along N=127: The d(212Rn,p)213Rn reaction. Sharp, D. / Freeman, S. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS688 P593 Terbium-149 for targeted alpha therapy Johnston, K. / van der Meulen, N. Koester, U. Preparation
IS687 P590 Beta-decay spectroscopy of 27Na and 22O for isospin asymmetry studies in the sd shell Guadilla, V. Lica, R. Preparation
IS686 P589 Spectroscopy of single-particle states in 107,109,111Sn through (d,p) transfer reactions Park, J. / Cederkall, J. Johnston, K. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS685 P585 Beta-decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Cd isotopes Fraile, L.M. / Korgul, A. Lica, R. Preparation
IS684 P584 Decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich Zn isotopes by total absorption Fraile, L.M. / Morales, A.I. Lica, R. Preparation
IS683 P581 Charge and spin states of Fe in binary compounds Gunnlaugsson, H.P. / Hemmingsen, L. Schell, S. Preparation
IS682 P579 Probing the magicity and shell evolution in the vicinity of N=50 with high-resolution laser spectroscopy of 81,82Zn isotopes Yang, X.F. / Cocolios, T.E. Geldhof, S. Preparation
IS681 P578 Emission Mössbauer spectroscopy of superconducting NbN thin films implanted with magnetic species Bonanni, A. / Adhikari, R. / Masenda, H. Johnston, K. Preparation
IS680 P576 The d(30Mg,p)31Mg reaction: Probing single-particle behaviour within the “island of inversion” Sharp, D.K. / Freeman, S.J. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS679 P575 Probing Energy Efficient Perovskites Lopes, A.M.L. / Schell, J. Correia, J.G. Preparation
IS678 P574 Weak interaction studies via beta-delayed proton emission Blank, B. / Severijns, N. Atanasov, D. Preparation
IS677 P573 The (d,p) reaction on 11Be: Bringing clarity to our understanding of the structure of 12Be Chen, J. / Sharp, D. K. Olaizola, B. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS676 P557 Measurement of the decay scheme of 142 Cs Jones, P. Lica, R. Preparation
IS675 P570 Investigating the key rp process reaction 61Ga(p,γ)62Ge reaction via 61Zn(d,p)62Zn transfer Lotay, G. / Doherty, D.T. Johnston, K. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS674 P568 A new approach to beta-delayed multi-neutron emission Riisager, K. / Jonson, B. / Madurga, M. Lica, R. Preparation
IS673 P550 Nuclear moments of excited states in neutron rich Sn isotopes studied by on-line PAC Haas, H. / Georgiev, G. Johnston, K. Preparation
IS672 P552 Absolute charge radii of radioactive isotopes measured by muonic x ray spectroscopy at PSI Cocolios, T.E. Duchemin, C. Preparation
IS671 P565 MIRACLS at ISOLDE: The Charge Radii of Exotic Magnesium Isotopes Vilen, M. / Malbrunot-Ettenauer, S. Vilen, M. / Malbrunot-Ettenauer, S. Preparation
IS670 P564 Development of new rare-earth-free hard magnetic materials Zyabkin, D. / Schaaf, P. Schell, J. / Johnston, K. Preparation
IS669 P563 Beta decay along the rp-process path for accurate stellar weak-decay rates: 68Se and 70Se Nácher, E. / Algora, A. / Briz, J.A. Lica, R. Preparation
IS668 P562 Quantum colour centers in diamond studied by emission channeling with short-lived isotopes (EC-SLI) and radiotracer photoluminescence Wahl, U. / Pereira, L.M.C. Correia, J.G. Preparation
IS667 P561 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-rich tellurium isotopes Rodriguez, L.V. Rodriguez, L.V. Preparation
IS666 P560 Liquid β-NMR studies of the interaction of Na and K cations with DNA G-quadruplex structures Karg, B. / Kowalska, M. Kowalska, M. Preparation
IS665 P558 Laser assisted studies of β-delayed fission in 178,176Au and of the structure of 175Au Andel, B./Andreyev, A./Cubiss, J./Van Duppen, P. Lica, R. Preparation
IS664 P556 Investigation of octupole deformation in neutron-rich actinium using high-resolution in-source laser spectroscopy Heinke, R. Heinke, R. Preparation
IS663 P555 Rotational and Hyperfine Structure of RaF Molecules Garcia Ruiz, R.F. / Wilkins, S.G. Wilkins, S.G. Preparation
IS662 P554

Beta-delayed neutron emission of 134In and search for i13/2 single particle neutron state in 133Sn

Grzywacz, R. / Madurga, M. / Karny, M. R. Lica Preparation
IS661 P553 Mass measurement of the proton-rich 99In and self-conjugate 98In nuclides for nuclear and astrophysical studies Nies, L. Mougeot, M. Preparation
IS660 P551 Collinear resonance ionization spectroscopy of silver between N=50 and N=82 de Groote, R.P. Bissell, M.L. Preparation
IS659 P549 Precise measurements of the β-decays of 9Li and 8He for reactor neutrino experiments Fynbo, H.O.U. Lica, R. Preparation
IS658 P548 Study of the radiative decay of the low-energy isomer in 229Th Van Duppen, P. Lica, R. Preparation
IS656 P530 Investigation of Octupole Correlations in 144,145Ba using the Recoil Distance Doppler-shift Technique Fransen, C./ Braunroth, T. Gaffney, L. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS654 P539 First spectroscopy of the the r-process nucleus 135Sn Kroell, T. / Wimmer, K. Gaffney. L. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS653 P535 Hyperfine interactions in hydrogenated TiO2 thin films and powders for photocatalytic reactions Zyabkin, D. / Schell, J. Schell, J. Preparation
IS652 P532 Influence of valence of doping element on local electronic and crystal structure in vanadium oxides: Time-Differential Perturbed Angular Correlations spectroscopy at ISOLDE Carbonari, A.W. / Schell, J. Schell, J. / Correia, J.G.M. Preparation
IS647 P502 Local Probing of Ferroic and Multiferroic Compounds Lopes, A.M.L. / Schell, J. / Correia, J. G. Schell, J. Preparation
IS646 P503 Shape coexistence and N=50 gap: coulex reactions on ground and isomeric states in N=49 79Zn, 81Ge isotones Gottardo, A. / Zielinska, M. Gaffney, L. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS645 P521 Interaction of Na ions with DNA G-quadruplex structures studied directly with Na β-NMR spectroscopy Kowalska, M. Kowalska, M. Preparation
IS643 P515 Measurement of shifts in the electron affinities of chlorine isotopes Hanstorp, D. / Welander, J. Rothe, S. Preparation
IS642 P514

QEC value determination of the superallowed b-decay of 70Br

Algora, A. / Wienholtz, F. Wienholtz, F. Preparation
IS630 P485 Lattice sites, charge and spin states of Fe in InxGa1−xN studied with emission Mössbauer spectroscopy H. Masenda / H.P. Gunnlaugsson J. Schell / K. Johnston Preparation
IS627 P477 Radiotracer diffusion in refractory high-entropy alloys S.V. Divinski J. Schell Preparation
IS625 P475 Penning-trap mass measurements of Zn and Cu isotopes relevant for the astrophysical rp-process D. Atanasov / A. Kankainen D. Atanasov Preparation
IS622 P471 Cu decay into neutron-rich Zn isotopes: shell structure near 78Ni A. Illana Sison/ B. Olaizola Mampaso R. Lica Preparation
IS618 P465 Two-phonon octupole collectivity in the doubly-magic nucleus 146Gd G. de Angelis R. Lica Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS602 P427 Cu(I), Ag(I), Cd(II), Hg(II), and Pb(II) binding to biomolecules studied by Perturbed Angular Correlation of \gamma-rays (PAC) spectroscopy L. Hemmingsen K. Johnston Data taking
IS599 P425 Study of neutron-rich 51−53 Ca isotopes via beta-decay A. Gottardo / R. Grzywacz / M. Madurga M. Madurga Preparation
IS597 P423 Probing Shape Coexistence in neutron-deficient 72Se via Low-Energy Coulomb Excitation D.T. Doherty / J. Ljungvall E. Rapisarda Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS595 P419 Spectroscopy of particle-phonon coupled states in 133Sb by the cluster transfer reaction of 132Sn on 7Li: an advanced test of nuclear interactions S. Leoni / B. Fornal M. Kowalska Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS591 P377 18N: a challenge to the shell model and a part of the to r-process element production in Type II supernovae Matta, A / Catford, W Rapisarda, E Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS589 P401 206 Po sources for production and release studies relevant for high power spallation targets Schumann, D. / Stora, T. Melo Mendonca, T. Data taking
IS587 P398 Characterising excited states in and around the semi-magic nucleus\n 68 Ni using Coulomb excitation and one-neutron transfer Gaffney, L./Flavigny, F./Zielinska, M./Kolos, K. Rapisarda, E. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS586 P396 \nEmbedding of  163   Ho and  166m   Ho in the energy absorbers of low temperature metallic magnetic calorimeters Gastaldo, L. Johnston, K. Data taking
IS581 P356 Determination of the fission barrier height in fission of heavy radioactive beams induced by the (d,p)-transfer Veselsky, M. / Raabe, R. Rapisarda, E. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS566 P370 Probing intruder configurations in 186,188Pb using Coulomb excitation Pakarinen, J. Rapisarda, E. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS563 P364 Coulomb excitation of 182-184Hg: Shape coexistence in the neutron-deficient lead region Wrzosek-Lipska, K. / Joss, D. / Jenkins, D. / Paka Rapisarda, E Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS557 P353 Coulomb excitation 74Zn-80Zn (N=50): probing the validity of shell-model descriptions around 78Ni Rapisarda, E. / Van Duppen, P. / M. Zielinska Rapisarda, E. Data taking
IS556 P352 Spectroscopy of low-lying single-particle states in 81Zn populated in the 80Zn(d,p) reaction Orlandi, R. / Raabe, R. Rapisarda, E. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS553 P348 Determination of the B(E3,0+->3-) strength in the Scheck, M. / Joss, D. Rapisarda Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS550 P344 Study of the Dinuclear System ARb + 209Bi (Z1 + Z2 = 120) Heinz, S. / Kozulin, E. Kowalska, M. Preparation (HIE-ISOLDE)
IS543 P335 Measurement of the 44Ti(alpha,p)47V reaction cross section, of relevance to gamma-ray observation of core collapse supernovae, using reclaimed 44Ti Murphy, A. Kowalska, M. Data taking
IS542 P332 Remeasurement of Ar-32 to test the IMME Kreim, S. Kreim, S. Preparation
IS529 P313 Spins, Moments and Charge Radii Beyond 48Ca Bissell, M. / Vasquez Rodriguez, L. Vasquez Rodriguez, L. Data taking
IS527 P311 Precision measurement of the half-life and branching ratio of the T=1/2 mirror decay of 37K Kurtukian-Nieto, T. Kowalska, M. Data taking
IS521 P302 Simultaneous spectroscopy of γ rays and conversion electrons: Systematic study of E0 transitions and intruder states in close vicinity of mid-shell point in odd-Au isotopes Venhart, M. Cocolios, T. Data taking
IS483 P253 Measurement of the magnetic moment of the 2+ state in neutron-rich radioactive 72,74Zn using the transient field technique in inverse kinematics Illana Sison, A. Van De Walle, J Data taking
IS456 P222 Study of polonium isotopes ground state properties by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy Cocolios, T. Marsh, B. Data taking
I279 I279 Testing the mass separation capabilities of the new ISOLDE isobar separator Nies, L. Lechner, S. Preparation
I278 I278 In-source laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient lutetium and holmium isotopes, towards the proton emitters Lynch, K./ Cocolios, T. Heinke, R. Preparation
I276 I276 Data acquisition and Python processing using CAEN Digitizer DT5730S for Perturbed Angular Correlation Spectroscopy: the PACIFIC 2 route. Rocha-Rodrigues, P./ Lopes, A. Schell, J. Preparation
I275 I275 Assessing the parity inversion in N = 7 isotones via 9 Li(d, p)10Li (Development of 9 Li beams) Ayyad, Y / Chen, J. MacGregor, P. Preparation
I272 I272 Development of neutron-rich Cu ion beams de Groote, R. Chrysalidis, K. Preparation
I270 I270 Using in-trap decay to provide inaccessible and low-yield isotopes to the ISOLDE facility Reilly, J./Chrysalidis, K./Athanasakis, M. Reilly, J. Preparation
I268 I268 Coulomb Excitation of a Triaxial Superdeformed “ β -band” in 162 Yb Bark, R. Wenander, F. Preparation
I267 I267 Measuring Interfacial Ionic Conductivity in All-Solid-State-Batteries with Li β-NMR Spectroscopy Rees, G./Sparks, A. Kowalska, M Preparation
I265 I265 Collinear Laser Spectroscopy of Light He-like Ions from Beryllium to Carbon Nortershauser, W. Rodriguez, L. V. Preparation
I264 I264 Addendum - In-source laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of neptunium and plutonium Urquiza-Gonzalez, M./Jaradat, A./Kaja, M. Au, M. Preparation
I260 I260 Development of vanadium beams at ISOLDE Olaizola, B. Au, M./ Chrysalidis, K. Preparation
I259 I259 Direct measurement of superallowed beta transitions with Lucrecia Guadilla, V. Rothe, S./Stegemann, S. Preparation
I258 I258 Protactinium chemistry at ISOLDE from external sources Athanasakis, M./ Au, M./ Nies, L. Au, M. Preparation
I255 I255 Production test of Ti isotopes towards laser spectroscopy experiments Plattner, P Plattner, P Preparation
I252 I252 ISOLDE Consolidation and Improvements Freeman, S. Freeman, S. Preparation
I251 I251 Au-198m as novel PAC probe Koester, U. Correia, G. Preparation
I250 I250 Investigation of Metal Ions Drift in Memristive Devices using Perturbed Angular Correlation (PAC) method Mokhles Gerami, A. / Schaaf, P. Schell, A. Preparation
I249 I249 MULTIPAC-Setup for Perturbed Angular Correlation Experiments in Multiferroic (and Magnetic) Materials: proof-of-concept Schell, J. / Lupascu, D. Schell, J. Preparation
I248 I248 Testing ultra-low energy in new ion implantation chamber ASCII van Stiphout, K. / Schell, J. Schell, J. Preparation
I246 I246 Yield measurements for lanthanide elements with Ta-foil target and a LIST ion source Chrysalidis, K. Heinke, R. Preparation
I245 I245 Laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient thulium isotopes Cheal, B. / Rodriguez, L. V. Rodriguez, L. V. Preparation
I244 I244 Development of the neutron-rich Hg beams from a UC/ThC target with a low-temperature quartz transfer line and RILIS at ISOLDE Andreyev, A. / Koester, U. Rothe, S. Preparation
I243 I243 In-source laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of neptunium and plutonium Au, M. / Kaja, M. Au, M. Preparation
I240 I240 Development of neutron-deficient Ba beams for a systematic study approaching the N = Z = 56 112Ba Illana, A. / Valiente-Dobon, J. Rothe, S. / Heinke, R. Preparation
I239 I239 Seniority versus alpha-clustering in the Po isotopes. Georgiev, G. / Rainovski, G. Johnston, K. Preparation
I238 I238 Measurement of octupole collectivity in uranium Butler, P. / Gade, A. / O'Donnell, D. / Wu, C.-Y. Au, M. Preparation
I237 I237 Shape transition at N=60 : Development of neutron-rich Sr beams Wimmer, K. Rothe, S. Preparation
I235 I235 Beam Development For a Study of the Evolution of Single-Neutron States Outside the N=82 Core using 146Gd, 148Dy and 150Er(d,p) Sharp, D.K. / Freeman, S.J. Freeman, S.J. / Heinke, R. Preparation
I234 I234 Molecular beams for an inelastic excitation study of multiple shape coexistence in 80Zr Nara Singh, B.S. / Wadsworth, R. Olaizola, B. Preparation
I232 I232 Collinear laser spectroscopy of selenium isotopes Yang, X. / Rodriguez, L. Rodriguez, L. Preparation
I228 I228 Design study of a Superconducting Recoil Separator for HIE-ISOLDE Martel, I/Tengblad, O/Cederkall, J Johnston, K. Preparation
I227 I227 Radioactive molecules at ISOLDE Athanasakis, M/Wilkins, S/Neyens, G Athanasakis, M/Wilkins, S Preparation
I226 I226 Development of 160,162,164Yb beams: Coulomb Excitation of Triaxial Superdeformed “beta-bands” in light Yb isotopes Bark, R.A. Olaizola, B. / Stora, T. Preparation
I225 I225 Preparation of negative ion beams for the determination of the electron affinity of polonium by laser photodetachment Nichols, M / Hanstorp, D. Rothe, S/ Leimbach, D/Geldhof, S. Preparation
I224 I224 Fission properties probed via measurements of transfer-induced fission with actinide beams in inverse kinematics using the ISOLDE Solenoidal Spectrometer Wright, T. / Sharp, D. Olaizola, B. Preparation
I219 I219 Development of neutron-rich Tl beams for nuclear structure studies beyond 208Pb Gottardo, A/Lica, R/Heinke, R/Andreyev, A Lica, R. / Rothe, S. Preparation
I218 I218 Coherent contributions of protons and neutrons to octupole collectivity in the region above 100Sn: 114Xe (molten) Lanthanum target production test de Angelis, G. Johnston, K. Preparation
I217 I217 Development of neutron-rich Tb beams for a systematic study approaching the doubly mid-shell in Rare-Earth nuclei Olaizola, B. / Illana, A Rothe, S. / Mougeot, M. Preparation
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I169 I169 Molecular beams of neutron-rich cerium isotopes for Coulomb-excitation experiments L. Gaffney T. Stora Preparation