ISOLDE upgrade

The group for the upgrade of ISOLDE, GUI, collects information and discusses necessary actions for the upgrade of the ISOLDE facility. The committee meets twice a year. The priorities for Target and Ion source R&D are discussed in the September meeting. More information can be found via here


The aim of the HIE-ISOLDE project was to greatly expand the physics programme compared to that of REX-ISOLDE. HIE-ISOLDE formed part of the European nuclear physics strategy, and its science case covered the majority of the key questions in nuclear structure and astrophysics pursued by our community.

EU projects


NIPNET (FP5 2001-2005)

TARGISOL (FP5 2001-2005)  
EURISOL (2000 - ) Eurisol logo
Integrated Initiative for Infrastructures

(FP6 2005-2008)
ENSAR  (FP7 2010-2014)
ENSAR2 (H2020 2016-2020)
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