PhD thesis on production and purification of metastable xenon for the gamma-MRI project at CERN.

We are looking for a motivated and enthusiastic PhD candidate for the gamma-MRI project (, which has been recently funded within the EU Future and Emerging Technologies Programme (FET-OPEN).

Gamma-MRI combines in one modality the physics principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and nuclear medicine, by relying on rf excitations of hyperpolarised unstable nuclei placed in inhomogeneous magnetic field. With several partners from Spain, France, and Switzerland, our CERN team works towards turning the technique into a new medical imaging modality.

The project is based at ISOLDE and is devoted the production and purification of isomeric states of 129m,131m,133mXe. Several paths will be explored: production at CERN (ISOLDE, MEDICIS), neutron irradiation, and decay of commercial 131I. The student will prepare the experimental setups to collect Xe, purify it from possible contaminants, capture it an enclosed vial, ready to be used in hyperpolarisation experiments.

The student should ideally have nuclear chemistry or nuclear physics background or strong interest to gain such expertise at the start of the project. Some experience with radioisotope production or purification, and interest in working in an interdisciplinary team of physicists and chemists will be big assets.

Interested candidates should apply through the CERN centralised application system before March 24th 2021: In addition, they should send their motivation letter, CV, and names of 1-2 prospective referees to the gamma-MRI CERN Principal Investigator, Dr. Magdalena Kowalska,

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